How to Take Care of a Large Lohansung Tree

How to Take Care of a Large Lohansung Tree

Legendsofdaemonica –┬áThe lohansong tree, also known as the Buddhist pine or Kusamaki, is an ornamental tree widely used as a unique decoration.

This tree has a very surprising artistic value. It is therefore not strange that the price of a ponsai lohansung tree can be valued at over one billion rupees.

Features of the Lohansung tree

Lohansung trees can reach a height of about 50 cm. This tree can be planted in a pot with a fairly large diameter. The time it takes for the lohansung tree to reach a mature bonsai tree is quite long, up to 20 years.

The price of lohansung tree bonsai is quite affordable, but only between 50,000 and 200,000. The price will increase when it is finished, it can reach millions. However, the lohansung tree that won the competition has a prize of up to one billion rupees. Therefore, there are many advantages of growing lohansung tree, both for decoration and for making money.

The lohansung plant has a characteristic shape that resembles a pine tree, but has different leaf characteristics. The leaves of the lohansung tree are elongated with sharp edges. The tree’s unique shape and roots make this tree an ornamental plant of high artistic value. The stems are dark in color with a unique rough texture.

There are four categories of lohansung plant species, namely local red bud species, local white bud species, outer red and white shoot species and outer round leaf species.

If you want to grow a large lohansung tree, here is how to take care of a large lohansung tree which you can follow. Follow how to make plants thrive:

  1. Pick a good bonsai on the go and choose a type that can have a long lifespan. Usually, the breeding method is by the grafting method. You can follow how to transplant plants. Maybe not much different from grafting tamarind
  2. Prepare a container for planting, it can be a pot of a sufficiently large size.
  3. The planting substrate used is a mixture of humus and compost. Make sure the soil and compost are mixed evenly and not too loosely so that the plants continue to have great artistic value
  4. Place the large lohansung tree in a location with sufficient sunlight
  5. To form a large lohansung tree, a bonsai can be made by making a coil of wire with a diameter of about 3mm. Carry out this process carefully so as not to damage the plant. Follow how to grow a bonsai.
  6. Large lohansung plants should be pruned regularly to maintain the unique shape of the plant. Because, if left to grow naturally like this, a large lohansung tree will have an elongated shape that lacks artistic merit. If the leaves are completely defoliated, the new leaves that appear will be smaller.
  7. Fertilization should be done in such a way that large lohansung trees always receive nutrients to grow healthy. Fertilize fairly regularly, not too often or too often as this can hinder the growth of the plant.
  8. The watering of the big lohansung tree is done twice a day, that is, in the morning and in the evening at will.
  9. Avoid plants pests and plant diseases that can damage them. If necessary, spray a pest control solution regularly.
  10. If a large lohansung tree is affected by disease, immediately cut or discard the affected part so that it does not spread to other parts of the tree. Follow how to take care of a dying plant.

Hence an explanation on how to take care of a large lohansung tree. It can be helpful.


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